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Welcome To Growoods

After witnessing wildfires that raged through countries and destroyed a vast portion of our forest in 2019, we decided to take action and contribute by creating nature-related accessories, hoping that everyone would enjoy carrying the world around. Every sale of our products helps fund our cause.

Our  Work

What We Do

With one life and one planet, it is our responsibility to help her out. Here at Growoods, we strive to make quality handmade products that everyone would enjoy, and most importantly continue in our efforts to planting trees, restoring wildlife habitats and protecting the ocean.

Our  Impact

Growoods Initiatives

One Purchase, Triple Impact

We work together with our beneficiaries to reforest our globe, better our earth, restore wildlife habitats and make the world a greener place.

Plant Trees

Restore Wildlife Habitat

Protect the Ocean

Green Earth Club

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When you join Green Earth Club, you'll get more than just an accessory. You will be supporting all aspects of environmental protection around the world and get access to exclusive rewards and products every month.


Help Restore Our Planet

More than just an accessory. Our nature-related bands and necklaces are unique pieces, and no two same pieces are alike, just like nature, that is always ever-changing. Purchase an accessory to help create a greener world!

Snow-Kissed Peaks

Nature Necklace

$36.00 USD
Cerulean Alps

Nature Rings

$30.00 USD


What people say

"The necklace is beautifully crafted and contributes to restoring the environment. It fits comfortably and the intricate details give it that extra special touch. Worth the money and the cause it supports."

-Desirae T

"Great company, beautiful products. The rings are handmade with care and the design are unique. Also, helping 3 different causes adds that extra special meaning and create conversations. "

-Abbie K